Mark Weinkrantz for U.S. Congress


Reproductive Rights

Woman sitting with doctor
The GOP fight to overturn Roe v. Wade was both cruel and deadly for women and families, but it is only the beginning of the attacks on women and their ability to safely protect their health. Currently, there is proposed legislation for a Federal ban on abortion, there are proposals to ban access to birth control, and calls to criminalize both patients and doctors.

More women are dying during pregnancy or while giving birth. Doctors are fleeing states with these restrictive laws, limiting access to prenatal care for all women. Tens of thousands of women and girls are being forced to carry unwanted pregnancies, even in cases of abuse and rape.

Women are not equal citizens without equal access to all healthcare. As long as the government tries to control women’s reproductive decisions, they are no longer in control of their lives. These anti-choice and anti-family policies must end and we must pass Federal legislation to protect women across the country.

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